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Life and business is not all cut and dry with everything falling into place as planned.

Sometimes you can do everything right but than everything seems to go wrong.

What should we do?

The most important thing is to look in the right direction. Look up and look in.

Looking up moves our focus to God who is in control and who is never surprised.

Looking in helps us to see that God lives within us to comfort and give wisdom. An old prophet gave some excellent advice. He starts out by stating that if everything goes wrong

Fire your Customer

February 6, 2011 — Leave a comment

Some of your biggest headaches in business are from the customers who buy little but demand a lot.

Fire them.

Let them know in a nice way that you don’t feel that you can meet their needs effectively and it would be best for them to find another supplier, agent, or whatever it is you are offering.

This will free you of a burden that you don’t need to carry and enable you to give more time to the customers who deserve your attention.

If your clients are abusive to your employees or to you then politely send them on down the road.

It they have unreasonable expectations where they are constantly trying to get the little extra and take advantage of your kindness than let them go.

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