4 Essential ingredients in successful advertising

September 20, 2012 — Leave a comment

There are four essential elements you need to try and squeeze into every marketing message you put out to the public. This Cheat sheet will help you remember what is important.

1. Get Attention.

Use a headline or something that will catch the attention of your prospective customer. If you are selling to housewives then use a headline the starts with: “Attention Housewives…” or  if business owners: “Special Report For Business Owners in Jackson County”

It’s good to use a benefit laden headline: The two words “How To….(whatever solution you’re offering)” are very effective in catching attention.

2. Demonstrate How It Will Benefit The Customer

Focus on benefits not features. Will your service or product provide better health, more comfort, more money, more free time, acceptance, improved appearance, improve their business, provide security?

Or will your product or service keep them from looking foolish, get them out of poor health, keep them from poverty, or escape boredom?

Paint a word picture of them enjoying the benefits of using your product or service.

3. Show proof

People decide with their emotions but need to justify their decisions with proof.

This is where testimonies come into play. There is nothing more powerful than the word of someone who has spent the money and is happy with the results. Before and after pictures are very good to use.

Other forms of proof: studies, admitting shortcomings, details of how it was made, independent research.

4. Ask For Action

Do you want them to call, send in a card, visit a web site, or come into the store? Make it clear and walk them through the steps of what you want. Confusion loses customers clarity attracts them.



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