Besides doing the Bible Based Businesses blog, I own a painting company in Florida. I also have a consulting business helping owners uncover hidden profits in their business.

I have 34 years of marriage behind me and am looking forward to the next 40 years. I’m the father of 12 children, 9 boys and 3 girls. All single births and no adoptions.

26 years ago I began this journey into the business world. I was attending a school of ministry in the Seattle area and needed to find work that would allow me to be flexible with my schedule and pay well enough to support my new family.

I had a friend who was a window cleaner he took me out for two days showed me some tricks of the trade and I was in business. I had no work scheduled and very little understanding of how to market a business and I had about $100 total to my name.

I printed up some business cards, began to go door to door and the rest is history. I never missed a rent payment and was never behind on any bills. God blessed the business and it grew. In less than a year I had two employees and more work than we could handle.

Since that time I have started about a dozen business all over the country (Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, and Florida) all from scratch with almost no money.

I have helped a number of other men start and grow their businesses. My tactics are simple and yet effective. Or I should say it this way, they are not my tactics. There is nothing new under the sun. The knowledge I have is a combination of gleaning from others, and God surprising me with insights into certain business situations.

I am the father to 12 children and have trained them in the same principles of Bible Based Businesses. 4 of my oldest have their own companies in Florida, Oregon, and Colorado.

One of the things I stress is that you own the business the business does not own you. If you are spending 50 plus hours in your business then you might consider making some changes.

Jesus tells us that the cares of this life will choke the word of God and keep us from growing into the person He wants us to be. God can bless your business without you sacrificing your faith or your family.

My prayer is that I can communicate what God has allowed me to learn about growing and running a successful business, in a manner that will bless you and help you grow your business without compromising your integrity.

May God bless you and Keep you in His care.

I really hope to hear from you with questions, remarks and even things you disagree on.

To His Glory


You can contact me at ibbjeff(at)gmail.com

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  1. Jeff, came across your site while googling for Christian business leadership. Impressed. How do I sign on? Am the 2nd generation of a 3rd gen business. My son just came on 2 weeks ago. Been in the car wash business for 41 years. You have some interesting insights. If this is a blog, I have never followed one and don’t have a clue.

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