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God is too complex for us to grasp His complexities yet simple enough for even the little child to understand.

The pride of man leads us to pursue the complex but when we do, we miss some of the most powerful principles of life and business. We tend to think, “If it’s too simple than it can’t be effective”.

Naaman the leper in the Old Testament almost missed his healing because he wanted the prophet to come and do something spectacular in order to be healed. Instead the prophet gave some simple directions. Naaman was angry at the simplicity of the command and was ready to walk away but his servant convinced him to at least give it a try and Naaman was healed.

The Marketing Mindset

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Having the correct mindset is crucial to business success. Every action is preceded by a thought. This seems a fundamental idea but too often we blame our actions on  . . . “I didn’t think about that.”

Actually you did think about it whether it be subconscious or conscious you thought before you acted. The important thing is to program your thoughts ahead of time so that when situations arise you think correctly and therefore you’ll act correctly.

You do what you do and say what you say because of your thought patterns. Change your thinking and you’ll change your actions and words.

To make no decision is to make a decision, to make no decision is to let others decide your plans and future.

If you make no decision about promoting your business than you’ve made the decision to not grow. If you make no decision to change bad habits than you’ve decided to remain as you are.

No decision is a decision and most of the time it’s not good.

A decision is a powerful tool.

What will you decide today about your business?

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is the famous quote but I would add…

All work and no play make Jack a lonely boy because he will lose his family and his friends.

All work and no play make Jack a sick boy because play and recreation is essential to good health.

All work and no play make Jack a poor boy because learning to pace yourself with work and play will make you more effective and more profitable. You can end up making more by working less when you learn the value of recharging your physical, mental, and emotional batteries.

The Power of Alignment

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(Excerpt from the book “Bible Based Businesses – Biblical Principles for Success in Business and Life” by Jeff Testerman at Amazon)

For many Christians, whether business owners or employees, there’s a disconnect between your spiritual life and your business. There seems to be no integration with your passions and your career. You are experiencing

Success Through Failure               “There is no failure. Only feedback. “~ Robert Allen

(Excerpt from the book “Bible Based Businesses – Biblical Principles for Success in Business and Life” by Jeff Testerman at Amazon)

One of my favorite stories is of a man named Sparky. In 8th grade, Sparky flunked every single class. He was the worst physics student in the history of his high school. He flunked it with a zero. He also flunked English, Latin, and Algebra. He tried out for the high school golf team, but

A survey done by the International Coaching Federation stated that “Time management is the number one area in which clients ask life-coaches for help.”

God is not silent

When you eat out at a restaurant you have to say no to a lot of tasty items in order to enjoy the one you really want. Life is like a restaurant; you have a wide variety of choices but you can’t eat it all. If you try you’ll end up not enjoying any of it.

Recognizing that you have only a limited block of time and learning the power of “NO” is the first step in time management.

Are you managing your no’s?

Before you can manage time you have to deal with your commitments. It doesn’t matter how well you manage your time or how efficiently and quickly you can do things, if you continue to add commitments you’re going to be stressed and unable to do things well.

3. Lack of persistent action.  Tony Robbins said, “You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.”

I add on to that persistent action. It isn’t the one massive action that accomplishes great things. It will be the day by day persistent action that will eventually win.

“The lazy desires and yet has nothing. But the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.” Proverbs 13:4

Everywhere we turn God is wanting to teach us the power