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The final four characteristics of a good leader

8. Innovative: A leader must be able to think of and implement new ideas.

9. A leader is always improving and never stops learning “Leadership is developed daily, not in a day.” John Maxwell When you cease to learn you cease to be a leader. 

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3. Strategic Vision: A good leader can see clearly the end result and knows how to map out the path to reach that result. A leader is able to see what it looks like before it’s there. They can see the future clearer than others and can spot opportunities and see possibilities where others see a mess.

A leader is then able to communicate that vision to others; they have learned the importance of everybody being able to articulate the vision, from the janitor to the president. A clear vision inspires others to make sacrifices, it brings unity and peace, and it’s the extra push in hard times that give people the ability to overcome obstacles.

4.Trustworthy:  A leader must have

The Path to Being an Effective Leader

A leader is not just the boss, you can be a leader without having the position of leadership. A leader is someone who influences others to take action. There can be situations where an employee has more influence than the owner or manager, he may not carry the title of leader but he is the leader.

Leadership is a skill that can be learned and developed.

Being an effective leader is important to business success. As a Christian business owner you are a leader by default. You lead employees, you have influence with suppliers, and you guide clients.

J. Oswald Sanders lists these qualities of a Christian leader, confident in God, knows God, seeks to find God’s will, self-effacing ( humble, not drawing attention to himself), finds and follows God’s methods, delights to obey God, motivated by love for God and man, God-dependent.

As a Christian business owner you can and should

Fire your Customer

February 6, 2011 — Leave a comment

Some of your biggest headaches in business are from the customers who buy little but demand a lot.

Fire them.

Let them know in a nice way that you don’t feel that you can meet their needs effectively and it would be best for them to find another supplier, agent, or whatever it is you are offering.

This will free you of a burden that you don’t need to carry and enable you to give more time to the customers who deserve your attention.

If your clients are abusive to your employees or to you then politely send them on down the road.

It they have unreasonable expectations where they are constantly trying to get the little extra and take advantage of your kindness than let them go.

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