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Tim was wondering why he was feeling so stressed out and struggling with depression and frustration. He was always behind on his projects. He felt like he was running, running, running but getting nowhere.

Then he came across a study from the UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF), they discovered that clutter has a big impact on our moods and self-esteem.

They found that the more stuff a women had in her house the higher the level of cortisol, a stress hormone, was in her system.

Effective time management and true productivity is not based on how well you master the tactics of email, handling interruptions, telephone, planning, or whatever else.

Excellent tactics will not help you reach a place of peace and contentment. But, having the proper understanding and mindset about time, your life and your projects will make you a true productivity machine.

It’s all about mental prep for time management. Without a change of thought true change of action will not last. The biggest hindrance to effective time management is your own mindset.

Clarity Saves Time

April 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

“The best way to make right choices is to know where your going, know why you want to go there and know what you need to do to get there.”

Why do we spend so much time doing the things that matter little to us? Why do we involve ourselves in so many activities which do not help us achieve our goals or fulfill our purpose?

“The most important single reason is being unclear about our values and our goals.” Gilian Butler of Managing Your Mind

Battling procrastination

 Sometimes it’s the overwhelming picture of what we need to get done that causes us freeze up. Here are some simple steps to help you overcome that problem.

1. Take your big project and break it down into 5 to 10 minutes tasks, choose a task and do it right now. Often doing something simple and easy will motivate us to keep moving and before you know it, you’re half way there.

2. Learn how to make the pain of inaction greater than the pain of action. Visualize the pleasure and satisfaction of accomplishing the task that is intimidating you. How will you feel once it is done?

What keeps us from taking action?

 Some people are just lazy so they never get around to doing what they know they need to do. “The lazy desires and yet has nothing”. (Proverbs 13:4) But in the business world, as far as owners go, this is a rare condition.

Another more common condition is they are too busy to take action. You can be too busy doing so many urgent tasks that you don’t take action on the important tasks that will have the greatest impact on your business.

We need to learn how to set priorities and say NO to many things so we can do the most important things.

Another common reason for inaction

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is the famous quote but I would add…

All work and no play make Jack a lonely boy because he will lose his family and his friends.

All work and no play make Jack a sick boy because play and recreation is essential to good health.

All work and no play make Jack a poor boy because learning to pace yourself with work and play will make you more effective and more profitable. You can end up making more by working less when you learn the value of recharging your physical, mental, and emotional batteries.

Laboring in vain

December 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

“It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows; for so He gives His beloved sleep” Psalm 127:2

We can have the wrong idea that working hard is all it takes to succeed. We put our nose to the grindstone and forget to look behind us, God is there watching and wanting to step in.

We can be so busy being busy that we hinder God from being busy on our behalf.

Imagine you want to fix a nice dinner for someone special. You really want to impress them. So you run to the store and start picking up whatever sounds good, from cold cereal to spinach, bacon and cottage cheese, you grab whatever catches your eye.

Then you head home, dump everything on the counter

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare” Ancient Proverb

The lack of action is one of the biggest killers in business. You can have a clear vision and know what and how to accomplish that goal but if you take no action nothing gets done.

What keeps us from taking action?

A survey done by the International Coaching Federation stated that “Time management is the number one area in which clients ask life-coaches for help.”

God is not silent