Effective Leadership Part 1

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The Path to Being an Effective Leader

A leader is not just the boss, you can be a leader without having the position of leadership. A leader is someone who influences others to take action. There can be situations where an employee has more influence than the owner or manager, he may not carry the title of leader but he is the leader.

Leadership is a skill that can be learned and developed.

Being an effective leader is important to business success. As a Christian business owner you are a leader by default. You lead employees, you have influence with suppliers, and you guide clients.

J. Oswald Sanders lists these qualities of a Christian leader, confident in God, knows God, seeks to find God’s will, self-effacing ( humble, not drawing attention to himself), finds and follows God’s methods, delights to obey God, motivated by love for God and man, God-dependent.

As a Christian business owner you can and should integrate all those qualities into your business leadership. There is not a different standard for when we’re in the church and when we’re in the world.

“A leader is a man who knows the road, who can keep ahead, and who can pull others after him.” John R. Mott

1.     Prayer:  A leader in the business realm needs to be a man or woman of prayer. Being a leader in business is being a spiritual leader. When you’re out in the marketplace you’re in spiritual warfare. You are called to put on the weapons of our warfare and then to pray always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit. God has not just called you to be a business owner, He has called you to be a spiritual leader in the marketplace.

Every day when you start your business work you are entering into a form of spiritual warfare. You don’t fight the battle sitting in the planning room. There’s a time to plan and there’s a time to fight. Prayer is the weapon that we use in the planning room and out on the battle field.

By praying without ceasing we are able to stay always aware that this business is God’s, I am simply a steward. Prayer is my communication with the CEO and my listening to Him.

2. Service: We are to follow the example of Jesus, He came to serve not be served, He came to give not take. How can you serve your employees? What can you do to serve your suppliers or manufactured reps? How can you best serve your customers and clients? Paul tells us to not look out only for our own interests but also for the interests of others. In this way we are a blessing where ever we find ourselves.

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