Effective Leadership Part 2

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More characteristics of a good leader…

3. Strategic Vision: A good leader can see clearly the end result and knows how to map out the path to reach that result. A leader is able to see what it looks like before it’s there. They can see the future clearer than others and can spot opportunities and see possibilities where others see a mess.

A leader is then able to communicate that vision to others; they have learned the importance of everybody being able to articulate the vision, from the janitor to the president. A clear vision inspires others to make sacrifices, it brings unity and peace, and it’s the extra push in hard times that give people the ability to overcome obstacles.

4.Trustworthy:  A leader must have integrity they must be a person who keeps their word. The Psalmist says that a righteous man swears to his own hurt and will not relent. When we say we’re going to do something than we need to follow through even if it costs us more than we thought at first. When we demonstrate that we’re willing to sacrifice for others they will be willing to sacrifice for us.

Simple things, like showing up on time, build trust. Be a man of your word, be slow to promise but when you do, stick to it.

5. A good leader is able to trust others: This means that you give others responsibility and leave them alone to accomplish their task. It also means that you give them freedom to fail, freedom to explore and experiment.

Jesus allowed room for his disciples to fail. When you over manage people you are strangling them. They feel choked, their creativity is hindered because you have cut off their oxygen. Let them be free and do not use anger to motivate, anger is a short term motivating tool that has long term negative effects.

6. Focused:  Learning how to center your attention on the desired object is a key to being an effective leader. Jumping from one thing to another is a great waste of time and it discourages those who you’re trying to lead. Before long they develop a look and see attitude. They’ll wait to see if you’re going to last longer than 3 weeks on this project before they consider getting enthused about it.

7. Balanced (Spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical) a good leader knows how to work and he knows how to play. Jesus said that we are to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.  The heart is our emotions and relationships. Our soul is all about taking care of the spiritual part of our life. The mind is our ability to keep learning and growing. And our strength is taking care of our physical body with good exercise and good food.

Balance does not mean equal time in every area, it means being in tune to what needs attention before it becomes a problem. A balanced person moves smoothly in all areas of their life being able to sense what needs attention at the right time.

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