Effective Leadership part 3

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The final four characteristics of a good leader

8. Innovative: A leader must be able to think of and implement new ideas.

9. A leader is always improving and never stops learning “Leadership is developed daily, not in a day.” John Maxwell When you cease to learn you cease to be a leader.  The reward you receive for ongoing learning is well worth the price you pay.

Don’t just learn from books and tapes, learn from your own mistakes, learn from your employees, learn from your competitors and learn from your family. A good learner has the ability to pick the good out of something and pass over the bad. A good learner is not critical and cynical, they’re not naive but they have learned that a sour critical attitude hinders learning truth that is hidden in the strangest places.

10. Persistent: Big dreams can’t be accomplished in one day. A leader know how to put their head down and keep plodding even when it rains on their parade. They can rise above their feelings and keep moving in the midst of pain.

11. Able to build relationships: People follow people they don’t follow goals, dreams, or visions. You must be able to communicate you goals to others in a way so they can also see clearly the end result. You must have an ability to persuade people to jump on board and commit their resources of time, money and creativity to the vision you’ve cast.

The foundation of building relationships is communication. The foundation of communication is not talking but listening. A leader does not assume he understands the heart of those he leads. No, he listens and asks questions so he can touch their hearts. People trust people who understand and who can empathize not just sympathize.

12. Honesty: Do you honestly face your own weaknesses? Are you willing to accept responsibility for mistakes? When asked hard questions, leaders are willing to honestly answer. The ability to ask probing questions, to be asked probing questions, and to honestly face the answers to those questions, even if it steps on their pet projects, is a key to effective leadership.

Honesty means not exaggerating or over hyping a situation. You need to have the reputation that no matter what people know you always speak the truth.

May God bless you in your pursuit of being a godly leader.



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