Goal Setting Intro PT 2

February 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

Another factor in reaching your goals is to not overload yourself. Too many goals can cause your mind and soul to shut down. Go ahead and dream of things you might get to eventually but take the time to seriously and prayerfully narrow down your goals.

There are four areas of life that you need to set goals in and these can be subdivided.

1. Relationships- family, wife or husband, friendships

2. Personal growth- developing good habits, improving personal skills, gaining knowledge, time to relax and refresh

3. Spiritual- time with God and His people

4. Natural physical accomplishments- career, health, home and car maintenance

I would recommend one goal per area to start with.

It is better to set 2 to 4 goals and make good progress in reaching them than to set 20 goals and get shut down emotionally and mentally because of overwhelm.

If you’ve neglected this process most of your life than you’ll have the tendecy to try and reach too many goals at once. Resist that temptation and narrow your focus. As you improve your goal setting and goal reaching abilities than you can increase your goals.

Here is what you’ll find. As you progress toward your 2 to 4 goals you’ll automatically reach other goals that you didn’t write down.



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