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The business owner must know how to hear

Jesus gave us the parable of the sower, found in Mark 4, to impress upon us the importance of how we are to hear.

Jesus said take heed how you hear. He didn’t say be careful what you hear, although that’s important, but how you hear is more important than what you hear.

The four hearers:
1. The “no” hearer, hearer
2. The excited hearer
3. The distracted hearer
4. The focused hearer.

Even though the primary focus of this parable is salvation and hearing the gospel of the kingdom, the principles apply many other places. Let’s use the example of those who are attending a business seminar to see how this works.

1. The no hearer, hearer:

Of all the people who attend a seminar there may be a few who are there because someone made them go. They don’t want to be there and they resent it. They may hear what’s being said but they aren’t listening.

Then there are the skeptics, always challenging and looking for something to disprove and knock down. These people will learn nothing. Everything they hear will be snatched away and will do them no good.

2. The excited hearer:

Here is the person who loves to attend seminars, buy books and listen to tapes. They get pumped up and excited about what they hear; ready to take on the world… But then something happens when they go home and begin to put into practice what they heard…they discover that work is involved. Problems arise that have to be overcome, persistence is required. So they give up and run off to the next seminar hoping for something easier. They have no root or depth.

Jesus refers to this person as having no root. There is no persistence, they want it easy and handed to them on a silver platter. They run when difficulties and trials come. Growing a solid successful business is work. It can be fun but there will be times you have to press through the difficulties.

Notice what happens with the soil that bears good fruit and the soil that bears the plants that have no root. It is the sun that dries up the plants, the sun represents trials, difficulties, and conflicts…but it is the same sun that causes the growth in the healthy fruitful plants. The problem isn’t the trials the problem is how we respond to the trials.

3. The distracted hearer.

They come home from the seminar and begin to put a plan into practice but life happens and get distracted. The general worries and cares of life can strangle their fruitfulness. They can become distracted by the fun and pleasures of life. They’re not focused and even the distraction of pursuing riches will pull them away from making riches.

You can be too busy being busy to be busy about the things of greatest importance.

Get focused. Seek first the kingdom of God and then let God lead you into the proper focus for your business.

4. The focused hearer.

This person comes ready to receive and ready to act. They aren’t just learners but they’re also doers. They’re willing to persevere through the trials and stay focused on the best. They’re going to see increased profits, happy customers, and excited employees.

So, how’s you’re hearing?



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