Is business Spiritual?

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The Spiritual and the Physical

Everything that pertains to life and business has its foundation in the Word of God and His truth. God is the creator. He created all things according to His creative laws and established a natural realm.

We are all governed by His laws in this natural realm, whether we’re believers or unbelievers. That’s how we were created. We need to line up with these natural laws just as much as we need to line up with the spiritual laws that we learn in the scriptures.

It may seem strange to use the Bible to create a successful business. Did you know that the spiritual parallels the physical? It’s a principle of God’s creation. 1 Corinthians 15:46 tells us that first comes the natural, then the spiritual.

For example, natural law states that whatever you sow you will reap. If you plant corn seed, you’ll get a crop of corn. If you plant an apple seed, you’ll get an apple tree.

The spiritual works in the same way. If you plant trust, you reap trust. If you plant joy, you reap joy. You can often see this with your own employees. Their actions and words reflect your actions and words toward them.

If you trust them, and let them know that you trust them, then they’ll trust you in return. If you are a joyful person around them, then your workplace will be full of joy.

There are many examples showing how the spiritual parallels the physical. Another natural law is things start small and become big. A mustard seed is tiny, but when it’s planted, it becomes a huge plant. The seed of the Giant Redwood Tree is extremely small also. The size of something at its beginning has nothing to do with its size at the end.

This natural law also applies in the spiritual realm. There, too, things start out small. We shouldn’t despise small beginnings. Be content with a small start and, as in the natural, God will cause it to grow. We need to remember not to become discouraged or try to jump ahead of this law. How can this apply to your business?

Another natural law states that death proceeds life. A seed buried in the ground has to die before it can bring forth life. In our own spiritual life, we have to die and take up the cross, before we can experience life.

In the business realm it refers to our need to let go of things we are clinging to, things we aren’t letting go of. It may be an idea, a system, or a way we’ve been doing something for a long time. We hang on to it for dear life instead of letting it go and letting it die.

When we’re able to let it go, then it can live. Let go of old ideas that don’t work. Let go of old traditions that may have worked in the past but don’t work now. Let them die, plant them, and let God bring forth the life He wants to birth in you and in your business.

Business, then, is both natural and spiritual. The two are entwined, not separate. When we talk about succeeding in business, we need to look at the natural and then the spiritual. The natural refers to certain talents, a specific knowledge base, or particular skills we have.

There is knowledge that, if we don’t already have, we need to learn, there are skills that we need to develop if we don’t already have them, and the natural talents that we already have but we need to perfect.

We can’t substitute our faith for these practical skills. In other words, we can’t say, “Well, we’re Christians. We’ll pray to God and He’ll bless our business.” And then get sloppy with what we do. No! We want to be excellent in the natural. In fact, we must be excellent in the natural.



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