Number 1 Marketing Tool

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Number One Marketing Tool For Your Business

Take the time to answer this question and it will impact your marketing more than anything else.

What is it about your product or service that makes you different than any other business?

What is unique about your service or product? Do you offer a higher quality service or product? Do
you provide more education and follow up service? Do you have a superior guarantee and assurance
program? Do you have a wider range of choices or options for your customer to choose from?

One way to uncover your uniqueness is to ask your employees what they think sets you apart from other companies.

But the best way is to ask your customers, “Why did you choose us over our competitors?”

Gather all this information and then develop a short, simple statement that clearly lays out why someone should do business with you.

Some examples of these selling statements are:

Federal Express- On Time Every Time

Nordstrom’s – If you’re not happy for any reason, now or in the future, we’ll take care of you.

Dentist- Painless dentistry

Painting contractor- Courteous, quiet, and respectful workers who show up on time every time

Jeweler- Custom jewelry of twice the quality but at half the price

Beware of this danger when developing your unique selling point…don’t lean on your own perception of what makes you unique. Ask your customers. Too often we fall in love with something about our product or service that we think makes us unique…when in reality the customers could care less.

Your unique selling point has to be focused on your customer’s needs and wants not on your product or service. It doesn’t matter that you’ve been in business 25 years unless you can translate that into a statement that shows why it is to the customers advantage you’ve been in business 25 years.

This unique selling point will set you apart from your competitors. When a customer wants what you offer they’ll think of you first because you’ve driven home why you’re the best choice in a language they can understand.

Stop now and get this unique selling point developed because it’ll become the cornerstone of all your selling efforts. Without it you’re a car without a steering wheel, having no direction, a crash waiting to happen.

When developing your unique selling point be as specific as possible. If your return calls promptly than say we return your call within 29 minutes. Don’t just say we guarantee your satisfaction. Tell them if they’re not happy we’ll refund your money and pay you $20 for your trouble. Don’t just claim to have higher quality tell them your products have been proven to last 4 times as long as the closests competitor.

Now you need to take this distinctive selling statement and integrate it in all your sales materials. Also all your employees and sales people need to know and understand how to use it in their contacts with customers.

Start now to develop your number 1 marketing tool.



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