The Football Game of Life

August 24, 2011 — Leave a comment

Imagine you’re in a football game, you’re sitting on the fifty yard line headed for the goal line.

But you’re nervous, you’re afraid. You don’t know if you should pass, run a sweep, or plunge up the middle. You’re afraid of making a wrong decision so you call a time out. Then you get back on the field of play but again fear and uncertainty strikes so you call another time out.

Back to the huddle you go but you still can’t decide what to do so you call another time out. Pretty soon you’re out of time outs and you’re being penalized for delaying the game.

Do something! Kick, pass, run, just take some action.

Do you find yourself in a similar situation in real life? Fear and uncertainty freezes your ability to act.

Stop calling time outs and take some action. Find a 30 second action, that you can do right now, that moves you even a little towards your goal and do it. The act of acting will begin to conquer fear and uncertainty and propel you to more action.

Even small actions will set free your creativity, get you excited and begin to stir your passions.

Just pick up the ball and run.




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