The Power of Alignment

February 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

When your passions, roles and skills line up, you enter into an area of peace and joy not experienced before.

Most people in America are not in alignment. Their roles (what they do on a day to day basis) do not match their passions and dreams. Doing what you love enables you to work harder but feel like you’re doing less.

But often you can’t immediately step into your passion There is a thing I call the process.

The process starts when you wake up to the reality that there’s a dream hidden in you, a passion that’s crying out to be released. Find your dream, your vision, your passion it’s already inside of you…most likely buried under a lot of can’ts and shouldn’ts.

Take some time today, get quiet and still (leave your phone off) and listen.

What would you like to do day in and day out? What gets you excited? Where would you work? Where would you live? Push aside the can’ts and shoudln’ts and just dream. Who would you be with? What time would you wake up? Be detailed, have fun. This is the beginning of the process.

The next step of the process is learning to embrace..not resent…the trials and difficulties that prepare you to fulfill your dream. More on that later….

Do you have a dream? Are you living it? Are you in the process?



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