The Power of Alignment

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(Excerpt from the book “Bible Based Businesses – Biblical Principles for Success in Business and Life” by Jeff Testerman at Amazon)

For many Christians, whether business owners or employees, there’s a disconnect between your spiritual life and your business. There seems to be no integration with your passions and your career. You are experiencing a growing frustration where you dread getting up in the morning and facing the day.

Alignment is where your inward passions and dreams line up with your day to day roles and duties. You wake up every morning excited about what you get to do that day. Getting from where you are to that place of alignment is what is called the “process.”

Christians in the marketplace need to bring the best of the natural and connect it with God’s power so that we can have a supernatural business.

We take God’s superior knowledge, wisdom, and power, connect it with our natural abilities, skills, and talents and then we have a supernatural business and a supernatural lifestyle.

 Become God’s Partner

 We can run a business by natural laws. We can succeed and even prosper, like the farmer I talked about earlier. But without God’s input, we’ll be missing the greater impact that we can have on individual lives and our culture.

Let me give you some examples of the super plus the natural. First, let’s look at David. As a young boy and a young man, David was a shepherd, spending his days watching the sheep in the field.

But he didn’t waste his time while in the field. He had his harp and developed his skills as a musician—writing songs, worshiping the Lord, and becoming excellent in the area of music.

Also, in order to protect the sheep, he became excellent in the use of his rod. He used the rod not just to direct his sheep, but also to ward off or fight off the wolves, bears and other animals that would try to harm his sheep.

And of course he became excellent in the use of a sling. He practiced hours and hours every day. All those hours sitting out there without much to do—he didn’t waste them. He used them to develop his natural skills and talents.

What happened when it came time for David to enter into the public scene? God’s timing was just right for David.

(Keep this in mind as it relates to business, because there are times when we just seem to be in a flat place where nothing is really happening. We may not see a need to develop our skills and to become excellent in a certain area. Be careful! Don’t waste your time.  We need to be always in preparation mode. We never know when God will call us to the next level. So we need to prepare ourselves by developing skills, talents, and abilities to jump to that next level.)

Going back to David, when he went to visit his brothers on the battlefield, he saw Goliath cursing the nation of Israel and profaning God’s name. Only David was ready to face Goliath! Two things came in to play here. He was prepared with his natural skills. It wasn’t just a purely lucky shot when he took his sling and hit the giant in the forehead. There was skill involved.

But at the same time, David called upon God and exercised his faith. David was extremely skillful, but also called upon God, and so it was a supernatural event when he killed Goliath. It was a combination of his skill and God’s power. The power of God working through his natural skills, knowledge and talents.

 The power of God aligned with David’s natural skills

 Later in David’s life, we see another time when his skills, developed in the field, proved important for his advancement.

Saul, the king, because of his rebellion was being tormented by an evil spirit. His advisers looked around for someone who could bring calmness to the king. They could not call up just anyone. They were looking for the most skilled and talented people that they could bring in. They called upon David because he was known for his skill in playing the harp.

He had his natural skill that he had worked hard to develop, and when he began to play, the supernatural power of God came upon him and his music and it was able to hold back the evil spirit. He used his supernatural ability with playing the harp to combat the evil spirit.

Joseph is another example of the super plus the natural. Joseph was called upon to interpret a dream. This is God working in Joseph above and beyond Joseph’s natural knowledge. The Biblical account makes it very clear that it was a supernatural gift that Joseph had.

Next you see Joseph giving sound wisdom or advice to Pharaoh. He interpreted the dream, with his supernatural wisdom, and then advised Pharaoh to select a wise and discerning man and have him appoint officers over the land to collect a fifth of the produce.

How was he able to give this advice to Pharaoh? I believe he learned it during all of the years that he spent in Potiphar’s house as a slave. While a slave, he didn’t just sit there and mope and groan and say, “Woe is me!” No, he used that time to prepare himself for the calling that he knew was in his heart. He had not given up on that vision, the passion that was in his heart. He wasn’t there yet, but he was in the process and he recognized the process.

Joseph developed his management skills and gained the wisdom it takes to oversee a big household of a rich man. He learned the skills to oversee all the other slaves and everything involved with the whole household—a very extensive process.

Next, when Joseph found himself in prison, it was the same thing. He didn’t just sit there and mope and say “Woe is me, I’m a failure.” No, he still embraced the process that God had him in. He applied his skills, talents, and natural wisdom, even in a situation where he did not want to be. He kept learning. Eventually, he became head over the prison and a trusted man.

The advice he gave Pharaoh was based upon the natural wisdom and knowledge he learned mixed with God’s superior wisdom. Therefore, he had a supernatural wisdom impartation. Pharaoh recognized this wisdom and allowed him to be put into a position of great responsibility.

Isn’t that exciting to think about?! We can be in that same place! But we need to pursue excellence in the natural. If you’re in a job situation now that you hate, that’s like a prison or slavery to you, don’t moan and groan and grumble. Instead, embrace that process and look up to God and say:

“God give me wisdom in this situation. Show me how I can learn. What books can I read? What teaching can I listen to? Who can I talk to who will help me develop skills to become excellent in a situation that I don’t even like? I know I won’t be here forever; it’s a step in the process. You’ve allowed me to be here.”

Embrace it and you’ll become like Joseph. When the time comes, you’ll be ready in the natural and God will add His super to it, you’ll have the ability to be a supernatural business owner.

We also see an example of this in the New Testament. Peter, the fisherman, knows his fishing business, but he’s had a rough night fishing. He’s been out all night, not able to catch anything. Peter was an excellent fisherman. He was skilled in that area and wasn’t lazy.

But, as we all know, even though we may be excellent in an area, not everything falls into place and there are times it looks like we might fail. That’s where Peter was in this situation. He had exhausted his own resources.

Jesus then enters the picture, bringing in the super. He says to Peter, “Hey Peter. Cast your net over here and see what happens.”

In his head Peter is thinking,, “I know what it takes to be a good fisherman and it’s just not the time or place.” But he shrugged his shoulders and said, “Okay we’ll go ahead and do it.”

Sure enough, he had a supernatural catch of fish. That’s a prime example of the super and the natural coming together.

And God can do that with your business.

Just imagine what adding God’s super, to what you’re doing now in the natural, could do for your own business. It’s unlimited! It could revolutionize health care! You could see the sick being healed as you pray for them. Your business would be known for healing people supernaturally.

Not only that, but there could also be divine intervention in preventing people from getting sick. God could give you wisdom on helping people to stay healthy, which would lead to fewer sick days, which would affect the bottom line of a business. It’s all tied in together.



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