Time Management Pt 1 Controlling your “No’s”

March 1, 2011 — Leave a comment

Are you managing your no’s?

Before you can manage time you have to deal with your commitments. It doesn’t matter how well you manage your time or how efficiently and quickly you can do things, if you continue to add commitments you’re going to be stressed and unable to do things well.

Make a list of your current commitments to your family, church, community organizations, work, and business. Is there any you need to get out of?

Every commitment you have claims a part of your time and attention. Is that commitment worthy of your attention? Should you really be doing it? If you’re already overworked and out of time, then any additional commitments you take on will divide your attention even more and make you unable to give your best to any project.

Our time is like a refrigerator; it has only so much space and it can hold only so many things. Once the refrigerator is full you can’t get anything else in there. If you cram too much stuff in, then it becomes disorganized and dangerous to open, and you can’t find things very well.

We have only so much time; we can fit only so many activities and commitments into its space. If we pack in too many things, then it becomes disorganized. We find it hard to get anything done well, we miss deadlines and appointments, and we disappoint ourselves and others.

Your first line of defense to keep this from happening is the word, “NO”. You must learn how to tell other people (and yourself) “no.” You don’t have to give a detailed explanation. You can simply say: “I’m sorry but I can’t give that the attention it would need. I won’t be able to do that.”

When you say yes to something you’re automatically saying no to something else.



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